major changes need to made

“Make your own recovery the first priority in your life”

Robin Norwood

After the plethora of pictures from my wonderful friend Christine’s wedding I have come to the realization that i have indeed let myself go.  I have gone and made myself fat, not chubby, not a little heavy, but full on fat, I am now the fat friend  and I am at the heaviest I have ever been in my life.  NO this is not the oh boo hoo me, just me being real with the most important person in my world: myself. I actually have  a healthy level of confidence but I am just as blunt with myself as I am others.   So the first order of business now that this wedding business is over with is to lose all that weight that 2.5 years of being in San Diego has caused me to gain.  I know the causes of the weight gain are that my level activity took a nosedive when I came back, I went from gym in the morning plus walking galore followed by  the occasional night kickboxing class to a whole lot of sitting.  Sitting at home, sitting at my job, sitting on the bus, just sitting oh and then sleeping, I can’t forget that sleeping even though I get so very little of it.    I actually eat pretty healthier than I did in the past so the route of this evil is all that damn sitting.  So given my brother sticks to his word ( a rarity I might add) I am going to begin running with my brother on monday.  Also I am going to make a gym membership at 24 hours and shell out the extra cash for that damn personal trainer (just so I learn not to hurt myself on those darn machines).  This will be step one of Cheryl’s need for major changes.

Changes need to be made in my life:

1) Begin new diet and workout plan

2)Get that damn liscense so I can complete #3

3) Get myself an apartment

4) Find a new job that actually has me doing experiments because that way I am not bored and I am not freaking sitting..


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