The world is my oyster

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– St. Augustine

GUESS WHO’S GOING ON VACATION =).  You know how you make those lists of things you will do but find yourself never having the time to follow through.  This is especially true when you find yourself in the rut of daily adult life.  Since I was in college I always told myself that I would go to Europe, travel the world, etc.  College passed and I found myself working full time and too busy being an adult to realize my life was passing by. Between working, thinking about grad school, planning for grad school, I could never find the time to even consider traveling.  Then what do you know, my friend goes out of her way to San Diego to hang out with me and before you know it we are planning a trip to see Europe.  We both individually wanted to go but didn’t want to go to Europe alone so why not go together.

Well my bosses gave me the OK and I am finally going to Europe for 3-4 WEEKS in a couple months. Now I can finally get to the logistics =)


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